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John Cooke (d, 1691). Elected Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge 1637; (possibly) employed by the prize Commission in the First Dutch War; Secretary to Lockhart, Governor of Dunkirk 1638-60; under-secre4tary in the Secretary of State's office 1660-88; Secretary for the Latin Tongue 1683-91. (L&M Companion)

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Tuesday 23 February 1663/64

"... at noon to the ‘Change and there met with Sir W. Rider, ... and Mr. Cutler and Mr. Cooke, clerk to Mr. Secretary Morrice, a sober and pleasant man, and one that I knew heretofore, when he was my Lord ‘s secretary at Dunkirke."

So John Cooke is currently clerk to Secretary of State, Sir William Morice, and Pepys had known him when he was secretary to Sandwich in 1657-8 when he commanding the fleets that supported the joint Anglo-French attacks on Mardyke and Dunkirk. After the capture of Dunkirk in June 1658, General-at-Sea Edward Montagu was presented to Louis XIV, and entertained Cardinal Mazarin aboard his flagship, the Naseby. John Cooke might have seen it all, and have some tales to tell.

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