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January 16, 1663/64 Pepys went "home and met there J. Harper come to see his kinswoman our Jane. I made much of him and made him dine with us, he talking after the old simple manner that he used to do."

James Harper -- Son of Mary Harper and related to Jane Gentleman, who was a servant to the Pepys. [In March 1660 Mary Harper owned a pub which Pepys visited: "... Mr. Butler and I to Harper’s, where we sat and drank for two hours till ten at night; the old woman she was drunk and began to talk foolishly in commendation of her son James."]

The comments on James' speech pattern indicates they had met on other occasions without Pepys mentioning it in the Diary. Nevertheless, it is odd Pepys would make much of him and insist he stay for lunch. I wonder if Jane Gentleman was invited to lunch with the Elizabeth and Sam as well? More likely she had to wait table.

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