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Roger Miller (reposted by Emilio)  •  Link

List of Parliamentary Constituencies pre 1832

[This neat info was posted for the 14 April 1660 entry, in ref to Montagu being elected for Weymouth.]

This is a useful list of parliamentary consituencies prior to the 1832 Reform Act: http://www.election.demon.co.uk/p…

vincent  •  Link

Assumed elections by the elite for the elite : according to C Hill "the common people ('men with no shirts' a disgruntled Royalist called them) (Lownes m.s.s.H.M.C., p549)took an unusally active share into 2 elections of 1640, on the anti court side- ......
...At Great Barlow, bargemen,labourers, shopkeepers-'the ordinary sort of townsmen',led by 'a country fellow in a plain habit', put up their own candidate against the local landlord who had court connections-and won (C.S.P.D.... see page p22 for all the details in c hill WorldTurn Upside Down)

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

And I will be posting info about the Cambridge Spring 1660 election under CAMBRIDGE later today.

For information about any election held during the Stuart century, go to https://www.historyofparliamenton…
and select the year span you are interested in.
1660 - 1690 covers Charles II and James II

Then select the initial letter of the town/borough/county you are interested in.

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