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  • Henry Waymouth (1791–1848), one of the British founding directors of the South Australian Company in 1835, was sometimes spelt Henry Weymouth

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Weymouth is situated on the South Coast of England Approx. 50 miles West of Southampton and approx. 70 miles East of Plymouth.
Throughout the history of the British Isles these harbours together with the large enclosed Portland harbour have played a very significant role.
Portland lies about 7 miles South of Weymouth on a peninsular that stretches out into the English Channel and is less than 100 miles from the French Coast.
Geographic location has meant that both Weymouth & Portland have played an important role in the marine related history of the British Isles, Portland has also been known world wide for its Portland stone used for many of London's famous buildings including St Pauls Cathedral built by Sir Christopher Wren.

It took many years for Britain and Weymouth to recover from the Black Death. Between 1500 & 1600 once again there were many sea battles of the Dorset Coast and a real threat of invasion by the Spaniards. And in 1642 civil war broke out in England whilst under the rule of Charles 1 between the Royalists and the Parliamentary. During this war for a period of time the neighbouring island of Portland remained Royalist whilst Weymouth itself was under Parlia mentary rule.


P.S. lots of Shipwrecks abound.

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