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Michael Robinson  •  Link

L& M footnote (Sept 19 1666, vii p 290)

Evelyn (17 November 1651) thought him 'odd.' His brother Thomas (Dean of Litchfield) was even odder.
See SP diary Jan 31 1668. http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1668/01/31/

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Sir Henry Wood, kt 1644, bt 1660 (1597-1671). Son and grandson of courtiers; himself in court since 1623; Clerk-Comptroller of the Board of Green Cloth from 1644 (Clerk from 1662); Treasurer to Henrietta-Maria from 1664; member of Catherine of Braganza's council from 1662; M.P. Hythe 1661-1671. An eccentric and unpopular official. His (second) wife (m. 1651) was Mary, daughter of John Gardiner; Maid of Honor to Henrietta-Maria, dresser and woman of the bedchamber to Queen Catherine.

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