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From Wheatley

President of the Royal College of Physicians, 1650 - 54; Treasurer 1655 -63. He was born in Essex, and educated at Caius College, Cambridge; knighted April 1st 1661, and died June 23rd. 1666. Vertue (according to Walpole [Horace Walpole's edition of George Vertue's "Notebooks," MR]) had seen a print of "Opinion sitting on a tree," thus inscribed: "Viro claris Dno Francisci Prujeano Mdeico, omnium bonarum artium et elegantiarum fautori et admiratoori summon; D. D. D. H. Peacham." There is a portrait of Prujean by Robert Streeter in the College, which was purchased in 1873 of Miss Prujean, the doctor's last surviving descendant. (See Dr. Munk's "Roll of the Royal College of Physicians," 1878, vol i., p 185.)

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Evelyn's diary for Wednesday August 14th. 1661:

":To Lond: Experiments concerning compression of Water, a letter and a certaine uncombustible Wood was sent the Society from the famous Adeptus Signor Borrhi: This day Sir Kenh[e]lme Digby presented every one of us his discourse of the Vegetation of Plants: And Mr. Henshaw his history of Salt-peter & Gun-powder. I then assisted him to procure his place of French Secretary to the King, which he purchased of Sir Hen: de Vic: I went to that famous Physitian Sir Fr: Prujean who shewed me his Laboratorie, his other workhouse for turning & other Mechanics, also many excellent Pictures, especialy the Magdalen of Carrachio: some incomparable "paisages" don in distemper: He plaied to me likewise on the Polyphone, an Instrument having something of the Harp, Lute, Theorb &c: it was a sweete Instrument, by none known in England, or described by any Author, nor used but by this skillfull & learned Doctor: I returnd home:"

From Dirk's annotation:-

Mrs Annette L Arthur  •  Link

It is so interesting to read this. My late father Philip Francis Prujean told me of the story of our distant ancestor Sir Francis when I was a child and spoke of it often

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PRUJEAN, Sir FRANCIS (1593-1666), physician; M.D. Caius College, Cambridge, 1625; practised in London from 1638; president R.C.P., 1650-4; knighted, 1661.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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Vertue (according to Horace Walpole) had seen a portrait of Dr. Prujean, painted by Streater, and a print of "Opinion sitting on a tree," thus inscribed - Viro clariss. Dno. Francisco Prujeano Medico, omnium bonarum artium et elegantiarum Fautori at admiratori summo; D.D. D.H. Peacham."

Vertue saw a picture, which he commends, of a Dr. Prujean, in his gown and long hair, one hand on a death's head, and the other on some books, with this inscription, Amicitiae ergo pinxit Rob. Streater.
---Anecdotes of Painting in England. Horace Walpole, 1762.

Prujean collection: Sir Francis Prujean was an eminent London doctor who was president of the College of Physicians from 1650 to 1654. The RCP has a small group of objects associated with Prujean: a portrait by Robert Streater from 1662, a silver fluted dish engraved with the coats of arms of Sir Francis Prujean and his second wife, and Prujean’s chest of surgical instruments.

Robert Streeter: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclo…

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