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Of Deptford; ship's carpenter and the complaisant husband of one of Pepys's mistresses. He came of a family of carpenters and shipwrights, and can be indentified as William since two of the ships in which he served as carpenter are named in the diary. His letters show that he was not very literate, but he was clearly an able craftsman. In 1677, as carpenter of the "Resolution," he was appointed by the Navy Board to oversee the construction of the "Northumberland" at Bristol. Thereafter until at least 1689 Pepys was much importuned for appointments both by him and his wife. His father (still alive in 1681) was Owen Bagwell, foreman of the yard at Deptford: he was excused service as a parish constable in 1664 on account of his employment and his age. The Christian and maiden names of his wife have not been discovered.

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