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Terry F  •  Link

The Hall of the Worshipful Company of Barbers, then Barber-Surgeons, later Barbers has, since the 14c been located in Monkwell Street, which may be found on the left side of this segment of the 1746 map.

TerryF  •  Link

Barber’ Hall was rebuilt after it was destroyed after WW II 30' E of its original site, which has been the subject of an archaeological find:

Barber Surgeons’ Hall Gardens, London Wall, EC2 (BSG97)
TQ 3228 8114

Barber Surgeons’ Hall Gardens, London Wall, EC2 TQ 3228 8114 MoLAS (W McCann) ground penetrating radar survey Mar 1997 Barber Surgeons BSG97

A survey has identified sub-surface anomalous areas which could be consistent with the survival of some remains from the 17th-c Anatomy Theatre designed by Inigo Jones [the sole part of the Hall to survive the Fire of 1666]. Additional anomalous areas may be associated with other structures, particularly that of the City wall at the W edge of the area.

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Bill  •  Link

In the court-room is one of the most remarkable of Holbein's works in this country — Henry VIII. giving the Charter to the Company, 1541. It is painted on vertical oak panels; is about 6 feet by 10 feet 3 inches, and contains nineteen figures the size of life, the King, however, being much above the rest in stature.
---London, Past and Present. H.B. Wheatley, 1891.


San Diego Sarah  •  Link

3 September, 1664 Dr. Thomas Hollier (as a Warden of the Worshipful Company of Barber-Surgeons) was the first to attempt to get Pepys (as Clerk of the Acts for the Navy Board) to agree that Navy ships would hire ships' surgeons and buy surgical goods as approved of by the Company.


Union representation goes back a long way!

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

From Gentlemen and Tarpaulins by J. D. Davies:

"The surgeon, like the commissioned officers, served only for the duration of the active service of the ship ... Surgeons were examined at the Barber-Surgeons' Hall and appointed by Admiralty board warrants, but disputes between the two authorities over their respective jurisdictions occurred regularly, and captains were often able to take advantage of the lack of qualified surgeons to appoint their own, often unworthy, nominees ..."

Running a part-time, on-call navy was a inefficient nightmare for all. No wonder Pepys wanted to change it.

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