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Apposition Day at St Paul's school was instituted at the school's foundation in 1509 as a method of assessing the competency of instruction.
It was a day each term when the best students give speeches = read short scholarly papers, illustrating mastery of a topic in each of several different fields of study, which are them "Apposed" = laid side-by-side by an outside judge or "Apposer". The tradition continues down to the present day. http://www.stpaulsschool.org.uk/p…

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

St Paul's School, London - Apposition

Apposition is a traditional ceremony at St Paul's and was originally a way of allowing the Mercers Company to assess teaching staff and the High Master, with the option of dismissing or reappointing them. The assessment takes the form of a third-party 'apposer', often a leading academic, judging the quality of teaching through scrutinising lectures given by boys in their final year. Today it is primarily a prize giving event, where prizes are awarded to senior boys who have excelled in particular subjects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_…'s_School,_London#Apposition

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