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Curriculum Vitae

This minister seems to have been a protege of Mountagu, because he shows up with Mountagu in a number of places.


Huntingdon School
Cambridge University


1660-1 -- navy chaplain on two of Mountagu's ships, the "Nasby"/"Royal Charles" and the "Royal James"

1667-8 -- chaplain to Mountagu's Lisbon embassy

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Per Wheatley: Edmond Ibbott, made rector of Deal in 1662, died 1677

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Edmund Ibbot was born in St. Neots, Huntingdonshire, around 1633, the son of John Ibbot. He attended Huntingdon Free School.

Ibbot entered Christ’s College, Cambridge in 1649 as a sizer. (This means he had part of his costs paid for him by the University in return for working part time.)

In 1656 Rev. Ibbot began his career as a Chaplain in the Navy and was later attached to the Naseby. In this capacity he was involved with bringing the exiled Charles II home from France.

Plans for Charles II’s Restoration were in place for some time and the Naseby (the flagship of the English Navy) was anchored in the Downs for a month awaiting instructions from Parliament. Ibbot struck up a friendship with Samuel Pepys who was also on board as part of the welcoming party.

The fleet finally sailed for Holland on 11 May, 1660.

An unexpected storm prevented their immediate return and so it was the 23 May before the future Charles II could board the ship for his journey home, arriving at Dover on 24 May 1660.

It was inappropriate for the Naseby to bear a name associated with the Commonwealth, and work had started to re-name the vessel but it did not take place until Charles II was on board. Rev. Ibbot played a major role in the rededication ceremony for thr ship, henceforth known as the Royal Charles.

Rev. Ibbot married Elizabeth Boys Quinton in 1661. She was the daughter of John Boys of Bettshanger and had previously been married to a Puritan Minister named Francis Quinton, Rector of Adisham, who died after 1658.
Their Marriage license reads:
“Ibbot, Edmund of Northbourne, Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 27, and Elizabeth Quinton, of Betshanger, Kent, widow, about 28 – at St. Nicholas Olave, London. 30 April 1661.”

In 1662 Rev. Ibbot was awarded the title of Professor of Theology. His graduation record at Cambridge University includes ‘per Literas Regias’ which translate as ‘by Royal Letters’.

Rev. Ibbot was installed as the rector of Deal on 25 September, 1662, replacing Thomas Seliyard who was removed after refusing to accept the doctrines of the Church of England.

The following family members were baptized at St. Leonard’s, Deal:
Elizabeth 16 Mar 1663/4
Edmund 9 Jun 1665
Margaret 10 Aug 1666
Ann 15 Aug 1667 -- Bur 28 Aug 1667
John 24 Sept 1668
Boys 4 Oct 1669
Cordelia 29 Nov 1670 -- Bur 21 Jul 1674
Jeffrey 17 Jul 1672 -- Bur 16 Sept 1678
Ann 22 Jan 1674/5

he Rev. Ibbot includes an additional entry on the Register for Margaret Ibbot’s baptism on 10 August 1666:
‘borne and baptised at Betsanger in ye dismalle tyme of plague in Deal.’

Rev. Ibbot died in 1677 and was buried at St. Leonard’s on 5 October.

His Will, if he made one, has been lost, as has that of his wife Elizabeth who passed away around 1682.

For the complete article, see http://www.eastkenthistory.org.uk…

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