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The name of Lady Anne Charlotte de Vic Frescheville (1650? - 1717) generally-ignored mother was Lady Margaret / Marguerite (de) Carteret de Vic (1630 – 1684), sister of our Adm. Sir George Carteret.
History books are curiously silent about Lady de Vic, but I unravel some of the whispers at

Lady Anne Charlotte Frescheville's husband was John Frescheville, 1st Baron Frescheville (4 December 1607 – 31 March 1682), a Royalist "English soldier, landowner and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1628 and 1665 when he was created a peer and then sat in the House of Lords.

"He married thirdly in December 1666, Anna Charlotte de Vic, daughter of Sir Henry de Vic, 1st Baronet, Chancellor of the Order of the Garter at Windsor Castle. [SEE, NO MENTION OF LADY MARGARET.] She served as a Lady of the Bedchamber at the court of Queen Anne. She died without issue on 12 November 1717."

This list also shows her to be a Lady of the Bedchamber to Anne, Princess of Denmark, starting in 1689.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

"Here lys the mortall part of Sr Henry De Vic, Baronet and Chancellor of the noble order of the Garter. He departed this life 20 of Novemb. 1671. He was married to Margaret Carteret, the daughter of Sr Philip Carteret of the Isle of Jersey. By whom he had Charles De Vic, Baronet, and Anne-Charlotte De Vic married to John Lord Fresheville, Baron of Staveley in the county of Derby, who caused this stone to be layd to the memory of her dear father"

The transcription of Sir Henry de Vic's tomb in Westminster Abbey.

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