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Purser of the Resolution 1662.

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Tuesday 16 December 1662
"... and among other business was Strutt’s the purser, against Captn. Browne, Sir W. Batten’s brother-in-law, but, Lord! though I believe the Captain has played the knave, though I seem to have a good opinion of him and to mean him well, what a most troublesome fellow that Strutt is, such as I never did meet with his fellow in my life. His talking and ours to make him hold his peace set my head off akeing all the afternoon with great pain."

However, Strutt must be attached to the Navy Board in some way, because on Monday 22 June 1663:

"I came home, and meeting Strutt, the purser, he tells me for a secret that he was told by Field that he had a judgment against me in the Exchequer for 400l."

And on February 1, 1663/64 Strutt is running errands for Sir William Batten, brother-in-law of the aforementioned knave, Capt. Browne:

"I found Mr. Strutt the purser below with 12 bottles of sacke, and tells me (which from Sir W. Batten I had heard before) how young Jack Davis has railed against Sir W. Batten for his endeavouring to turn him out of his place, at which for the fellow’s sake, because it will likely prove his ruin, I am sorry, though I do believe he is a very arch rogue. I took Strutt by coach with me to White Hall, where I set him down, ..."

Clearly Strutt and Pepys knew each other quite well.

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