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Robert L. Siegel  •  Link

See Jem (and Sam), a novel by Ferdinand Mount (Carroll & Graf Publishers, New York, 1998). The author creates a fictional ancestor, with the name of Jeremiah Mount, and weaves him in and out of the life of Samual Pepys.

David Quidnunc  •  Link

"Jem (and Sam)": New York Times review
18 July 1999

"The book satisfies in the same way that the most artful memoirs do -- and, indeed, its conjured illusion of continuing, shape-shifting life is so fluid and persuasive that it handily competes with the realities of its chosen era. (Another recent wrong-end-of-the-telescope take on Pepys, Sara George's novel ''The Journal of Mrs Pepys: Portrait of a Marriage,'' doesn't come close.)"

Will Symons and Peter Llewelyn are also in Mount's 425-page book.

"Mount is careful to include salient passages from Pepys's diaries where they apply, providing all the familiarity with the actual source that's needed to enjoy the novel. There are notes, too, clarifying what is invention and what is not."

For the full review:

Keith Wright  •  Link

The review, by fellow novelist Michael Upchurch, does indeed give a very vivid sense of the book, in which more famous personages from the Diary also appear. (As well as, with fictional license, Gen. Monk's wife, Nan.) At the time of publication, Ferdinand Mount was editor of the "Times Literary Supplement," and Jeremiah may possibly be an ancestor.

Emilio  •  Link

On the historical Jeremiah Mount

From the L&M Companion: "Mount, [Jeremiah]. Apparently a clerk or servant of the Council of State in 1660; in 1661 a Gentleman-Usher to the Duchess of Albemarle. A friend of Peter Llewellyn who was also employed by the Council of State in 1660--he received a ring at his funeral. Possibly the Jeremy Mount, gentleman, of Bridewell, who died c. 1699."

So Ferdinand seems to have covered what little we know of him pretty well.

sharian  •  Link

Jem And Sam.A Revengers Tale.Brilliant insight into life in london in the 17thcentury.Deserves far more acclaim than it gets.

brian glover  •  Link

Jeremiah mount was not fictional.Pepys clearly mentions him in his diary on more than one occasion.Ferdinand mount found his ancestors journals.He also has the pine box which contained the money that he amounted through his insurance enterprises.

Second Reading

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