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Warren Keith Wright  •  Link

Pepys hired John Burr to be his clerk on 14 March 1659/60, preparatory to going to sea. But Burr abruptly does not show up at embarkation time (5 April), and causes Pepys much consternation again by going ashore without permission (19 April). Nonetheless, later in the year Burr sends Elizabeth "a pair of fine Turtle-doves" (27 August).
[From thence he drops from "The Shorter Pepys," and is not mentioned in Tomalin or the Companion.]

Warren Keith Wright  •  Link

March 23rd 1659/60: Burr indeed is on hand with Pepys when Montagu and company initially get underway; it is only later that he goes AWOL.
This sketch will be re-cast at a later date.

Warren Keith Wright  •  Link

27 April 1660: Burr is absent in the morning, but seems to have returned before close of day in order to conduct business with Creed, round trip. The chain of command is interesting: though hired by Pepys, does Burr fall under the Purser's jurisdiction once aboard ship, rather than Pepys dealing with Burr directly about his absences? While Pepys does not shy from confrontations, he seems as lief to avoid them.

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

I suspect Pepys' chat with the Purser was about stopping seamen from rowing Burr ashore whenever Burr requests it. The Naseby is anchored at sea, not moored in a harbor, so Burr needed enablers.

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