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MARRIAGE & IN-LAWS: Wright (born about 1637) married Anne Crew, sister of Jemima Crew Mountagu, in 1658, making him a brother-in-law (as *we* would say) of Edward Mountagu, Pepys's patron.

FATHER: Dr. Laurence Wright, was one of Cromwell's physicians.

DAUGHTER: Anne inherited Dagenhams (the family estate) when her mother died in 1708. If the Wrights had any sons, they didn't survive -- or one would have inherited the estate on Henry's (earlier) death.

COUSIN?: Another female Wright, a cousin of Sir Henry, appears twice: once in early 1663 and again in late 1664. She may be the Anne Wright mentioned in Sir Henry's will.

-- Latham & Matthews edition of the diary, Vols. 10 (Companion), 11 (Index)

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1656-57 -- a commissioner of trade

1658 -- created a baronet

1660 -- created a baronet again (after the regime change), apparently just to make sure it stuck

1660, 1661 -- twice elected to Parliament for Harwich, an "admiralty borough." His poor health prevented him from being an active member.

-- L&M Vol. 10 (Companion)

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Minor PLOT SPOILER till 1664

As Pepys apparently mentions in the diary in late 1665, Wright died in 1664. Calling this a plot spoiler may be too scrupulous. Wright is mentioned only 16 times in the diary, half of the time as host of Edward Mountagu in Wright's London house.

-- L&M Vols. 10 (Companion), 11 (Index)

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Henry Wright (c.1637-64), of Dagnams, Havering, Essex, was married to Anne Crew, sister of Lady Jemima Crew Montagu. Henry’s father, Lawrence Wright, became Cromwell’s physician and had Henry appointed to the board of trade at the age of 19, which was one of the grossest examples of domestic patronage under the Protectorate. His home, Foulton Hall, was three miles from Harwich, and with the addition of Montagu’s Admiralty interest, his election in 1660 was secure. He was given a grant of a ‘baronetcy’ in 1658 and 1660, and died on 5 Feb. 1664, aged 27.

For more information see http://www.historyofparliamentonl…

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