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MARRIAGE & IN-LAWS: Wright (born about 1637) married Anne Crew, sister of Jemima Crew Mountagu, in 1658, making him a brother-in-law (as *we* would say) of Edward Mountagu, Pepys's patron.

FATHER: Dr. Laurence Wright, was one of Cromwell's physicians.

DAUGHTER: Anne inherited Dagenhams (the family estate) when her mother died in 1708. If the Wrights had any sons, they didn't survive -- or one would have inherited the estate on Henry's (earlier) death.

COUSIN?: Another female Wright, a cousin of Sir Henry, appears twice: once in early 1663 and again in late 1664. She may be the Anne Wright mentioned in Sir Henry's will.

-- Latham & Matthews edition of the diary, Vols. 10 (Companion), 11 (Index)

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1656-57 -- a commissioner of trade

1658 -- created a baronet

1660 -- created a baronet again (after the regime change), apparently just to make sure it stuck

1660, 1661 -- twice elected to Parliament for Harwich, an "admiralty borough." His poor health prevented him from being an active member.

-- L&M Vol. 10 (Companion)

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Minor PLOT SPOILER till 1664

As Pepys apparently mentions in the diary in late 1665, Wright died in 1664. Calling this a plot spoiler may be too scrupulous. Wright is mentioned only 16 times in the diary, half of the time as host of Edward Mountagu in Wright's London house.

-- L&M Vols. 10 (Companion), 11 (Index)

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