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Paul Brewster  •  Link

(d. 1679) Clergyman: he conducted the illegal Anglican services at Cary House in the Strand which Pepys was attending in the early months of 1660. He had also conducted them at St Peter, Paul's Wharf since c. 1650 when he was ejected from his curacy at Teddington. He had published two tracts in defense of the royal power in 1642-3. At the Restoration he was rewarded by a prebend at York (1660), the deanery of Christ Church, Dublin (1661) and the bishopric of Derry (1666).

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Bill  •  Link

Robert Mossom, author of several sermons preached at London, and printed about the time of the Restoration, who was in 1666 made Bishop of Derry. In the title page of his Apology in behalf of the Sequestered Clergy, printed in 1660, he calls himself “Preacher of God’s word at St. Peter’s, Paul’s Wharf, London.”
---Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, the diary deciphered by J. Smith. 1854.

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

"I went in the morning to Mr. Messum’s, ... A very eloquent sermon about the duty of all to give good example in our lives and conversation, which I fear he himself was most guilty of not doing."

The reviews above make Robert Mossom sound like a saint, but sadly Pepys doesn't elaborate on what he was most guilty of doing. His contemporary, Bishop "Kenn’s account of him, ... says that Dr. Mossom, during the usurpation, was silenced, plundered, and persecuted."

Anyone know more about the real Mr. Mossom?

The on-line version of his sermons and books can be found at https://onlinebooks.library.upenn…

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