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Pauline  •  Link

from L&M Companion
(d.1670). Merchant, of Austin Friars and Hackney; Warden of the Drapers' Company 1660, 1664; appointed 'garbler of spices' to the city 1661. He supplied the navy with victuals and with Baltic goods, often in association with Sir W. Rider....

[garble v.: to sift impurities from.
garble n.: the impurities removed from spices in sifting]

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

Among the Baltic goods he and Rider supplied the navy with was hemp.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

If Pepys wanted to meet with William Cutler, or his side-kick, Sir William Rider, he would often go to the Great James inn on Bishopsgate Street. It must have been what passed in those days as an office for the victualers as Pepys occasionally mentions there being others present.

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