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Then He has builta few good ships,
The Lyme was his work in 1654 that was then renamed the Montague after the Restoration.
He built the Monke in '59
he also built the Bristol in 1653, that was rebuilt in 1693
an if you must peek he dothe build more.

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from L&M Companion
kt 1675. Shipwright and naval officer. He began his career in the Portsmouth yard where he served as Master-Shipwright 1660-8. In 1668 he was promoted to the post of Navy Commissioner, at first with general duties, but after July 1668 with responsibility for the Portsmouth yard only. In 1672 Pepys procured his appointment as Surveyor of the Navy, praising his 'vigour and method', and he occupied that office until 1686, and again from 1688-92. The fact that he was chosen to be a member of the Special Commission of 1686-8 is significant of his merit and of Pepys's high opinion. Pepys's "Naval Minutes" has many references to him.


John married Margaret Stephens, sister of Anthony Stephens (Stevens) of London and Woodcote Place, Epsom - Cashier to Navy Treasurer etc

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John Tippets, appointed master-shipwright in Portsmouth Dockyard, and afterwards knighted; Commissioner of the Navy (1667-72), and Surveyor of the Navy (1672-85, 1688-92).
---Wheatley, 1899.

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