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Elizabeth, New Jersey-

"Originally settled in 1609, Elizabeth was purchased from the Delaware Indians in 1664. It was the scene of several clashes during the American Revolution.
Elizabeth is New Jersey's first permanent European settlement, its oldest English-speaking settlement and its first colonial capital from the mid 1660's to 1686.
Princeton University, known then as the College of New Jersey, was founded in Elizabeth in 1746.
The city of Elizabeth is named after Elizabeth de Carteret, New Jersey's first First Lady. The seat of Union County, Elizabeth is one of the largest container seaports in the world and home to manufacturers of sewing machines, foundry products, textiles, office supplies, chemicals and the world's largest producer of liquid and frozen egg products." I W Realtors

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Realtors not historians-
"Philip Carteret, first Governor of East Jersey, landed at the Point which he named Elizabethtown in 1665, in honor of Lady Elizabeth Carteret, wife of Sir George Carteret." http://www.getnj.com/historicroad…

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xref: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclo…
head on a stamp?
Elizabeth Carteret (1615-1696) became proprietor of East Jersey after the death of her husband George Carteret
Shown at her writing desk is Lady Elizabeth Carteret, widow of the governor of New Jersey Sir George Carteret, who came from Jersey itself. In 1682 Lady Carteret sold eastern New Jersey to William Penn and others. The map of the Atlantic Ocean in the background symbolizes the Jersey/New Jersey link. Lady Carteret apparently had links with Edmond Halley, shown observing the Comet in 1682

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Nee Carteret

In 1640 Elizabeth Carteret (then about 25 years old) married her cousin, George Carteret, then about 30 (which makes her "Elizabeth Carteret Carteret"? Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt did the same thing, although she and Franklin were fifth cousins).

In 1643 the couple had their first son, Philip.

-- L&M Companion volume

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About seven miles south of Elizabeth, N.J., is Carteret, N.J.
Both are across the Arthur Kill from Staten Island.

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Elizabeth, who married her cousin, Sir George Carteret, was the daughter of Sir Philip Carteret.
---Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, the diary deciphered by J. Smith. 1854.

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Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Carteret by Charles Lee Myers - a copy of the original painted from life by Sir Peter Lely made in the 1800s and was presented to the City of Elizabeth (named in honor of Lady Elizabeth Carteret) in 1925 by the Society of Colonial Wars of New Jersey.

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