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Data not consistant:picture shows the Convertine 44 guns [?] pictures of battles of the times???

Anglo-Dutch Wars: ... In 1651, he commanded the 4th Rate Convertine. From 1651 until 1652, ...
They were hoping to intercept the Dutch East Indies fleet at the Dogger Bank, ...
http://anglo-dutch-wars.blogspot.… - 68k - similar pages
A Captain John Pearce commanded the Convertine in the Second Anglo-Dutch War. At the Battle of Lowestoft, he was in the Duke of York's division. He was in Prince Rupert's division at the Four Days' Battle. They joined the battle over 3 to 4 June 1653 (Old Style). The Convertine (56 guns) tried to flee the battle on its own, and was taken by two Dutch ships.

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Was it cargo ship for EIC, a navy ship for keeping away pyrates or a 4th rater with 40 or so cannon?
see leads to French version or Dutch claims on the name ?http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1662/02/17/

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thanks to Wim van der Meij

Convertine 1666-?...? (prize) English prize,former Portuguese ship.
56 guns 103e length 30e beam 13-6e depth
some english ships

Convertine (rb)[re built] 3rd rate classicfication
Woolwich 1616-1650 Renamed : Raleigh's Destiny. Sold to Portugal
34-46 guns ? gun deck 96 keel 32-4 beem (13-6) depth 533 tons
Question /ans? Was sold to Portugal return to england why could have been on of the alliance agreements along with Tangier and new wife?

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A possible meaning of Convertine
is that it is from the corruption of the city of Coventrie and/or Coventrie and brine? just speculation.

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A little more information of it’s whereabouts in time, from Pope’s Biography of Morgan…

“On the 15th August 1660 the Conventine ship of war arrived in the Cagway anchorage from England with the news that would affect the lifes of every man woman and child in Jamaica…

The news that the Conventine brought them was that Charles was now on the throne of England.”

Pedro  •  Link

Vicenzo Salis Agua. “Was sold to Portugal return to england why”

This is strange, as the following info would cast doubt on it being sold in 1650 or around that time…

After the execution of Charles I in 1649 the Portuguese became worried. A fleet of Royalist ships arrived under Prince Rupert, and made it difficult for the Portuguese to remain neutral. In March 1650 the Commonwealth fleet under Blake arrived, and Rupert attacked them in the mouth of the river Tagus.

While negotiating with the Commonwealth D Joao ordered a detention of English ships and property worldwide, in contravention to treaties. Sixty merchantmen were in Portuguese metropolitan water at the time. Blake blockaded the Portuguese ports, and attacked fleets returning from Brazil, causing D.Joao relent in 1652 to return sequestered property. Much of this was never handed back.

The above does not mention warships, but would it not be reasonable to think that the Convertine may be mixed up in this, and reappears in Jamaica in 1660?

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Thanks for the Dope, who did what to whom, when, why and HOW. I always think of the pawns in these games of improving ones wealth. [ and Thank ye Pedro Obrigado]

Pedro  •  Link

Convertine the Portuguese connection.

Prince Rupert's brother Maurice was the Vice-Admiral in the Convertine (46 guns) after it had left Helvoetsluys on the 21st Jannuary 1649 and arrived in Kinsale, where Rupert wanted to set up a base and help the Royalists in Ireland.

(Rupert sailing as Admiral in the Constant Reformation and Sir John Mennes in the Swallow). These vessels, on paper, amongst the most powerful in the Navy, were not in their first youth. Rupert had to flee to Lisbon on the 20th October 1649. Rupert used his time here to sell two of the smaller frigates and two or three prizes were converted into well-armed ships. The old Convertine was laid up and her armament transferred to the newly commissioned frigates.

(Man of War...Ollard)

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This much traveled ship was used to take soldiers for the handover of Bombay as part of the Marriage Treaty...

April 22 I662 Sandwich somewhere north of the Burlings...

"This morning we met a merchant ship bound for the East Indies with my Lord Marlborough and at noon the Convertine with Capt Povey and soldiers for the East Indies also. They gave us news that all was well in England."

(Journal of Edward Montagu by Anderson)

For the fate of these troops see...


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Terry Foreman  •  Link

The Convertine -- 4th rate, 50-60 guns; Portuguese prize 1650; captured by Dutch 1666. [ L&M Index. ]

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