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"Veal is a meat produced from calves....Veal bones are used to make veal stock, a base for many sauces and soups found in French cuisine, including demi-glace....The origin of veal is principally as a by-product of dairy production. Dairy cows must regularly produce offspring in order to produce milk. Although the female calf may be kept to be raised into a dairy cow, male calves have no commercial use except as veal." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veal

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let me reveal another meaning for veal:
OED: Veal 2: 1883 GRESLEY Gloss. Coal-M. 269 Veal, a tank or water-barrel placed upon a cage for emptying the sump.
otherwise it be calf not ankle: first noted by Chaucers Merchant:

Veal [a. AF. vel, OF. veel (viel, veal, vael, etc.; mod.F. veau), vedel, = Prov. vedel(h, Cat. vedel, It. and Pg. vitello: L. vitellus, dim. of vitulus calf.]
1. The flesh of a calf as an article of diet.
c1386 CHAUCER Merch. T. 176 'Bet is,' quod he, 'a pyk than a pikerell, And bet than olde boef is the tendre vel'.
2. A calf, esp. as killed for food or intended for this purpose. Now rare.
a1625 FLETCHER Hum. Lieut. III. vii, Ye Porridg gutted Slaves, ye Veal broth-Boobies! 1630 J. TAYLOR (Water P.) Gt. Eater Kent 14 Three sixe-penny veale pyes..were presented to the scalado.
vealing vbl: n f. VEAL n.1]
a. a-vealing, procuring veal. b. Conversion into veal.
1664 COTTON Scarron. I. 47 And up he starts, to go a stealing, Either a Mutt'ning, or a Vealing

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