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Roger Miller  •  Link

Thomas Fuller (1608-1661) English divine and historian.

This is the 1911 encyclopedia article: http://90.1911encyclopedia.org/F/…
(Unfortunately part of the article has become mangled in the scanning process.)

This is the article on Fuller in The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: http://http://www.bartleby.com/21…

Fuller was a contemporary of Edward Montagu at the University of Cambridge and Pepys knew him personally, perhaps through that connection.

He supported the Royalist cause but also managed to maintain relationships with those on the Parliamentary side. His literary output was considerable. This is an extract from the Church History of Britain mentioned by Sam: http://www.la.utexas.edu/research…

Roger Miller  •  Link

Edward Montagu 2nd Earl of Manchester

I've come to the conclusion that the Edward Montagu that Thomas Fuller was at Cambridge with must have been the 2nd Earl of Manchester who was a cousin of the Edward Montagu who was Pepys' boss.

So there is a possible connection through the Montagu family between Pepys and Thomas Fuller but not as close as I originally thought.

Clement  •  Link

This Thomas Fuller is footnoted for the Sept 23, 1664 entry in "The Diary of Samuel Pepys: 1664" (University of California Press, 1995, Robert Latham, William Matthews)
"Thomas Fuller, Fellow of Christ's, 1649-61, was now Rector of Navenby, Lincs. As praevaricator he was a licensed jester at the disputation in philosophy, making learned but nonsensical play with the question under dispute. A sample of his wit (verses on {"An anima hominsis sit tabula rasa") is in W. T. Costello, "Scholastic curriculum at early 17th-cent." Cambridge, pp. 27-9. He was now interceding to protect a waterman from the press-gang..."

Clement  •  Link

Further biographical information comes from the "Dictionary of National Biography" (Oxford, 1908, Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee).

As part of the entry for this Thomas Fuller's uncle, also a clergyman named Thomas Fuller, (and said to be of the same family as the other church historian Thomas Fuller):
"As bishop of Ardfert he (the uncle) ordained his three nephews, who all rose to some eminence, the sons of his brother John, who succeeded his fater as vicar of Stebbing: Thomas, fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge, an acquaintance of Pepys, mentioned several times in his 'Diary,' subsequently, in 1658, chaplain to Colonel Lockhart, governor of Dunkirk, vicar of the college living of Navenby, near Lincoln, and retor of Willingale Doe, Esses, 1670, 'an inveterate preferment hunter,' who died at Navenby in March 1701..."

Second Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

BEWARE ... there is confusion here. The Divine and author died in 1661. We are now in 1664. There must have been two Rev. Thomas Fullers.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

BEWARE ... there is confusion here. This Thomas Fuller's uncle was the Divine and author who died in 1661. We are now in 1664. Our Encyclopedia has info on both.

Bill  •  Link

FULLER or FULWAR, THOMAS (1593-1667), archbishop of Cashel, related to Thomas Fuller (1608-1661); disinherited 'for a prodigal'; went to Ireland; bishop of Ardfert, 1641; D.D. Oxford, 1645; archbishop of Cashel, 1661-7.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome, 1903

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