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Joseph Hill (1625-1707), biblical scholar; Magdelene Fellow from Oct. 1649-ca. Dec 1660, when he was extruded for Nonconformity. A don Pepys came to know well, and it was in Hill’s chamber on Fri 21 October 1653,in the presence of all the fellows then resident,that Pepys and a companion, Hind,had been solemnly admonished by Wood and Hill for having been scandalously overseen in drink the night before " Adapted from an annotation by gerry quoting from an L&M note to the 25 February 1659/60 diary entry. http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1…

Second Reading

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HILL, JOSEPH (1625-1707), nonconformist divine and lexicographer: fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge; M.A., 1649; his name removed for nonconformity, 1662; pastor of Scottish church at Middelburg, Holland, 1667-73, where he published pamphlet advocating English alliance; English presbyterian minister on Haringvliet, Rotterdam, 1678-1707; edited and enlarged Schrevelius's Greek-Latin lexicon, 1663.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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