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in aqua scripo  •  Link

According to L&M, she be the Step daughter of Sir William, a product of his first wife { L&M} She be a spinster of 26. Accounts for not telling the current Battens the situation of "living in Sin" A son Robert [not proven] Takes over the family Ship business in 86.
birth 1637?

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Bill  •  Link

Martha Batten, aged twenty-six, was married to William Castell, of Redereth Wall, co. Surrey, shipwright, widower, aged thirty-four. The marriage licence is dated July 2nd, 1663 (Chester's "London Marriage Licences," ed. Foster, 1887, col. 254).
---Wheatley, 1893.

Louise Hudson  •  Link

Aqua scripto, she wasn't a spinster, she was a widow.

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