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in aqua scripo  •  Link

According to L&M, she be the Step daughter of Sir William, a product of his first wife { L&M} She be a spinster of 26. Accounts for not telling the current Battens the situation of "living in Sin" A son Robert [not proven] Takes over the family Ship business in 86.
birth 1637?

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Bill  •  Link

Martha Batten, aged twenty-six, was married to William Castell, of Redereth Wall, co. Surrey, shipwright, widower, aged thirty-four. The marriage licence is dated July 2nd, 1663 (Chester's "London Marriage Licences," ed. Foster, 1887, col. 254).
---Wheatley, 1893.

Louise Hudson  •  Link

Aqua scripto, she wasn't a spinster, she was a widow.

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

L&M's Companion article on Sir William Batten is a bit confusing to me. Here's the highlight about the children:

He [Sir W] married twice -- first in 1625 to Margaret, daughter of William Browne, cordswainer, of London (through whom he acquired the house in Walthamstow) ... all his children came from this first marriage.

The eldest, William, was a barrister admitted to Lincoln's Inn in 1646. He married Margaret Alcock of Rochester in 1658.
Benjamin Batten was a naval lieutenant.
Martha Batten married William Castle the shipbuilder.
Mary Batten married one Leming from Colchester.
(A widow, Mary Leming of St. Mary's Colchester, died in 1671. Her husband, James, may have been Batten's son-in-law if the date of his death can be reconciled witj Pepys' statement that he was dying as early as 1662.)

So I don't see anything to support Louise's statement that Martha was a widow. Maybe there is another reference somewhere???

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