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Mr. Butler is usually styled by Pepys Mons. l’Impertinent.

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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David Quidnunc  •  Link

His first name is unknown

-- at least to Robert Latham, whose index volume (Vol. 10) to the Latham & Matthews edition of the diary has a bit more information:

Butler has a pretty sister, Frances, and he attend's the Rev. Robert Mossom's congregation at Cary House on the Strand.

Beside's Butler's sister and his (unnamed) parents, eight other Butlers appear in the diary -- apparently no relation of his.

fimm  •  Link

Anyone know why Pepys calls him Mons. L'impertinent? And what does it mean?

vincent  •  Link

Just a guess: The Man was a wealthy lawyer: (had his own pew) very smart very witty and was unkind to about all rambunctious political Characters (Totally Politically Incorrect and he got away with it knowing when and how to tell someone politely to do a biological impossibility ). Samuel seemed to consult with him on many occasions.

vincent  •  Link

The Butler name appears to be the the Family name of the Ormands which would explain the moniker. How true?
Ormand just got back his Estates in Ireland: strange coincidence?
In 1391, the castle was bought by the Butler family, the Earls of Ormand. The Butlers sided with King Charles I in the Civil War, and Cromwell laid siege to the city, destroying most of the south wall of the castle. (Today, the castle has three sides and is open on the fourth side.)
Next, we went on the tour of the castle. The guide talked about the history of the Butler family and the castle. The Butlers lived in the castle until 1935, when maintaining it became too much of a financial drain. It was handed over to the city in 1967. One of the most memorable rooms was the long gallery, with a vividly painted ceiling and portraits lining the walls.

vincent  •  Link

Another cross connection E(arl) of Ossory(Butler,Thomas) were friends of the Lady Ross-Common & Madamoiselle La Varenne,[J.Evelyn dec 8th 53]
who was connected to Coll: Dillon (Lord Roscommon) the Butler Family( a very long one this being the twelfth generation, lasted until 1935 ) tree. It appears the the current Lord Ormond has 2 sonnes Thomas and Richard (Earl of Arran). Richard Not much spoken of being the the second sonne.
Girls Are not mention much, was there a Frances connection?

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Vincent made some good guesses, but according to this article, the Butlers were a well-connected Irish family, and Mons. L'impertinent was a Protestant minister.


Sadly Frances didn't marry Cary Dillon, or she would have ended up being the Countess of Roscommon. Hopefully it wasn't prevented by Mons. L'impertinent hubris. But we'll probably never find out, unless something turns up misfiled in a library somewhere.

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