The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from Wenceslaus Hollar’s maps:

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Pepys' house in Huntingdon is for sale!
An article in Cash section of The Observer (UK Sunday paper) on 31 May 2004 is headed "In no hurry to move? Take a Pepys at this. The great diarist's rural retreat could be yours - in 2027."… (contains spoilers!)

The Pepys House Trust (+44 1480 436036) is launching an appeal to buy the freehold so they can keep the house open to the public after their lease expires and have some extra for restoration.

House sale details are on:

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A description of Huntington the journey from Cambridge: From Cambridge we go just by Peterborough: we see the Minster and ye town, very plaine all built with Stone. The road is very pleasant to Ffenistanton, 8 miles to Godmanchester, and from thence Huntington 1 mile. We cross the River Lin over a bridge and so Enter Huntingtonshire. This river goes to Lin in Norfolke its a very pleasant Country to travel in in ye Summer, but after raines its in Some places deep, but the prospects are delighting; Little town and good Enclosure wth woods and same of the Country's. Huntington is but a Small Shire town; just by it is a house of the Lord Sandwich, yt it is pretty large. We enter a good Lofty hall, in it hangs the Ship in wch he was lost, that is the representation of it Cut out in Little and all things Exactly made to it; there is a good parlour and drawing roome…

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