By Paul Scarron (1610-1660), more on Wikipedia.

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Second Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Scarron's 'The Fruitless Precaution' in *The Comical Romance: And Other Tales*, Volume 2
By Scarron (Monsieur), Thomas Brown, John Savage, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Google Books, pp. 151ff.…

Early English Books
Scarron's novels ... rendred into English, with some additions, by John Davies ...
Scarron, Monsieur, 1610-1660., Davies, John, 1625-1693. London: Printed for Thomas Dring ..., 1665.…

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Paul Brewster on 13 May, 2003, shared:

“The Fruitless Precaution,”
L&M footnotes this as "One of the 'novels' of the French writer Paul Scarron(d. 1660). It is clear from the entry at 16 October, 1660, that Pepys is referring to an English version: 3 of the tales had been translated and published separately in 1657 by John Davies of Kidwelly.
For the editions, see DNB, 'Davies'; A Esdaile, List of Engl. tales ... pub. before 1740, pp 301-3; ... Pepys did not retain any in the Pepysian Library."

A reference for John Davies can be found at…

A reference for Paul Scarron can be found at…

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