By Marin Mersenne (on Wikipedia). Published in 1636, dealing with the theory of music and musical instruments, it is regarded as a source of information on 17th-century music, especially French music and musicians, to rival even the works of Pietro Cerone.

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Mersenne, Marin (1588 - 1648)
Harmonie Universalle, Contenant la Theorie et la Pratique de la Musique, Ou il est traité de la Nature des Sons, & des Mouuemens, des Consonances, des Dissonances, des Genres, des Modes, de la Composition, de la Voix,des Chants, & de toutes sortes d'Instrumens Harmoniques. par F. Marain Mesenne de l'Ordre des Minimes.
A Paris: Chez Sebastien Cramoisy, Imprimeur ordinaire du Roy,rue S. Iacques, aux Cicognes. M. DC. XXXVI.

2 vols fo.,

PL 2494 (both vols bound together in one)

Full text in digital facsimile at:

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.