Brother of Henry Fanshawe.

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Sir Thomas Fanshawe of Jenkins and Barking Manor (bpt 15 September 1580 - 17 December 1631) was an English politician and government official. He was a Member of Parliament for Bedford and subsequently Lancaster 1604-1622.…

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FANSHAWE, THOMAS, second Viscount Fanshawe, in the peerage of Ireland (1639-1674), son of Sir Thomas Fanshawe, first viscount; M.A. Trinity College, Cambridge; K.B., 1661; remembrancer, 1665; M.P., Hertford, 1661-74.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

The father (the 1st Viscount Fanshawe) of Thomas and Henry was the brother of:

Sir Richard Fanshawe…

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Bill must be correct, as "Sir Thomas Fanshawe of Jenkins and Barking Manor (bpt 15 September 1580 - 17 December 1631)" had been dead for quite a while.


Thomas, 2nd Viscount Fanshawe was one of the many pennyless Royalists. He had been married to a wealthy heiress, who is known as The Wicked Lady Fanshawe, and is reputed to have been a highwaywoman during the late 1650's.

According to a family history written by Herbert Fanshawe in 1927 which draws heavily on Lady Anne Harrison Fanshawe's memoirs:

Katherine Fanshawe, Lady Ferrers died at the age of 26 in June, 1660, immediately after Lady Anne Harrison Fanshawe had been with her at her lodging in the Strand on the occasion of the celebration of the return of Charles II to his capital on 29 May, 1660.

Katherine Fanshawe, Lady Ferrers' husband, Thomas Fanshawe Jr. was imprisoned by Cromwell in 1659 following the Booth Uprising in the North and not released until February 1660.

Legend says Katherine Fanshawe, Lady Ferrers was shot and died from loss of blood at Markyate Cell [a house they had sold 3 years earlier]. Possibly not. Possibly she died from a miscarriage.…

Katherine Fanshawe, Lady Ferrers' entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biographies makes it clear that Thomas lost his own fortune by being a Royalist, amongst other things.… -- you need a subscription. It also tells us:

Thomas Fanshawe was knighted on 23 April 1661;
he succeeded his father as 2nd Viscount Fanshawe on 26 March 1665,
he remarried on 2 April, 1665, Sarah, daughter of Sir John Evelyn and widow of Sir John Wray.

Thomas, 2nd Viscount Fanshawe sold Ware Park to Sir Thomas Byde in 1668.

The legend of Catherine Fanshawe, Lady Ferrers continues to flourish despite its flaws and despite the existence of alternative candidates for the role of 'wicked lady' — such as Martha Coppin (bap. 1640, d. 1681), whose family bought Markyate Manor in 1657.

Numerous books on haunted Britain tell stories of Catherine's ghost accosting workmen, swinging from the branch of an old tree, disrupting village fêtes, and haunting and setting fire to her former home.

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