Wife of Charles Howard (1st Earl of Carlisle).

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Anne Howard was the daughter of Edward Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Escrick and Hon. Mary Boteler. She married Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle, son of Sir William Howard and Mary Eure. She died in September 1703. She was buried at York Minster, York, Yorkshire, England. As a result of her marriage, Anne Howard was styled as Countess of Carlisle on 30 April 1661.…

Attending church Sunday 1 December 1667 at St Olave, Hart St, Pepys finds "in our [Navy Office] pew there sat a great lady, which I afterwards understood to be my Lady Carlisle, that made her husband a cuckold in Scotland, a very fine woman indeed in person." In 1663 her husband, Charles Howard, 1sy Earl of Carlisle, had been appointed ambassador to Russia, Sweden and Denmark, where he was for extended periods on diplomatic missions. Carlisle was on the border of Scotland and was sometimes occupied by the Scots, so thought of as "in Scotland."…

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