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Charles Howard, earl of Carlisle, had a considerable share in the Restoration; and was, in his capacity of a public minister, well qualified to do honour to the king his master, and himself. In 1663, he was sent ambassador to the czar of Muscovy, to recover the privileges of the Russian company. He met with no success in this embassy; but, on the contrary, was treated with disregard, and even indignity, which he resented with a proper spirit. He afterwards went in quality of ambassador to Sweden and Denmark, to cultivate the alliance with these kingdoms. There is an account of the three embassies in print, with the earl's portrait prefixed. This book contains many curious remarks upon the countries through which he passed. He was afterwards appointed governor of Jamaica. He died, according to Heylin, in 1684; according to others, in 1686.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1779.

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