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The Committee on Miscarriages

Est. 17 October 1667 with 56 members
http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?comp… this committee conducted the first parliamentary enquiry ever made into the conduct of an entire war. It reported February 1668, condemning faulty intelligence
the naval failures to pusue the Dutch after the Battle of Lowestoff in June 1665, the division of the fleet in June 1666, and the failure to fortify Sheerness leaving Chatham open the humiliating raid of June 1667. In "A Report of the Payment of the Fleet by Tickets" it criticised the Navy Board.

This investigation, and that of the Committee of Accounts (or Brooke House Committee) led to the inquiry into the organisation of the Navy Board in 1668.

(Much of the wording from an L&M note on 17-18 October 1667)

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