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Sir Charles Cotterell (1615-1701)
Son of Sir Clement (Groom Porter to James I); Aisstan-Master of Ceremonies 1641-6, Master 1660-86; M.P. for Cardigan 1663-Jan. 79. He translated (with William Aylesbury) Davila's *Storia delle guerre civili di Francia* (1630) and his *Cassandra* (1652), was a translation of La Calprenède's prose romance, *Cassandre* (1642–9). http://res.oxfordjournals.org/content/60/245/406.…
His son Clement (born c. 1650) became a close friend of Sandwich -- accompanied his son Sidney on the Grand Tour, served in the Madrid embassy and klopst his life, like Sandwich, in the Battle of Sole Bay. Sir Charles was one of the six bannerol bearers in Sandwich's funeral. (L&M Companion) In 1667, Sir Charles suggested a calculating instrument, called arithmetical compendium (Instrument for Arithmetick). It was a combination of Napier's rods with a bead abacus, used to avoid writing down the partial products of multiplication using the rods. Cotterel's idea however was published several years later, circa 1670, when the scientific instrument maker Robert Jole (brother in the Clockmakers' Company, based in London), produced his version of the device. http://history-computer.com/CalculatingTools/Gadg…

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Sir Charles Cotterel, [M.P., Cardiganshire,] master of the ceremonies, got in gifts, 11000l.
---A Seasonable Argument ... for a New Parliament. Andrew Marvell, [1677] 1776.

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