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Franz Paul Baron de Lisola (1613-74). An Austrian diplomat, born at Salins in Franche-Conit. He began his diplomatic career in 1639, when he went to London as Ambassador to persuade Charles I. to reinstate the Count Palatine. In 1655 he was sent to Sweden to effect peace with the Poles, but having failed to attain this, he induced the Emperor Ferdinand III. to conclude an alliance with them. When Ambassador in Poland he brought about the reconciliation of that country with the Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg, and at the same time established a union between this Prince and the Emperor. In 1660 Lisola took part in the peace negotiations at Oliva, and after 1667 his great effort was to form a coalition against Louis XIV., whose plans he described and denounced in his famous pamphlet, he bouclier d'itat et de justice contre le dcssein de la monarchic universelle (1667). It is also due to his exertions that an alliance was established between Austria and Holland in 1672, in which union Spain also joined the following year. http://books.google.com/books?id=AJlGAQAAIAAJ&pg=…

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