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The History of the Royal Society of London, For the Improving of Natural Knowledge
By Tho. Sprat, D. D. late Lord Bishop of Rochester.
London, Printed by T.R. for J. Martyn at the Bell without Temple-bar, and J. Allestry at the Rose and Crown in Duck-lane, Printers to the Royal Society. MDCLXVII.

In An Adverisement to the Reader [n.p.], Sprat admits that "in the Title of my Book I have taken a Liberty, which may be liable to Exception : I have called it a History of the Royal Society; whereas the first Part wholly Treats^of the State of the Ancient Philofophy and the third chiefly contains a Defence and Recommendation of experimental Knowledge in general: So that it is only the second Book that peculiarly describes their Undertaking."

Sprat's citation of his clerical credentials on the title page was intended to deflect attacks on the Royal Society by religious anti-experimentalist propagandists.


This link is to the Fourth Edition, LONDON: Printed for J. Knapton, J.walthoe, D. MidWinter, J. T o N Son, A. Bettesworth and G. H Itch, R. Robinson, F. Clay, B. Mot Te, A..Ward, D. Brown, and T. Longman. 1734 http://bit.ly/aTkjYB

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