Widow of Sir Charles Mordaunt.

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Elizabeth, the daughter and heiress of Mr. Nicholas Johnson, of London. [her uncle] . Sir William Turner, a merchant of the Drapers' Company, became Lord Mayor of London.
— afterwards married
Francis Godolphin, Esq., of Colston, Wilts.
[she]— [ she had no family from Sir Charles]— afterwards married Francis Godolphin, Esq., of Colston, Wilts.
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Lady Elizabeth Mordaunt (1645-87)

After Elizabeth Pepys's death (10 November 1669), she and her sister Mrs Stewart ('the ladies in Portugal Row' [on the s. side of Lincoln's Inn Fields]) -- both widows -- became Pepys's close friends. Affectionate and witty, they conducted a delightful correspondence with him in which they employed 'all the sighings and teasings of an amitie amereuse' (Ollard). In 1674 they planned an expedition to France with him that never came off. Evelyn and Thomas Hill also valued their friendship. Both were musical. Lady Mordaunt died in 1687; her sister was still alive in 1692 when with Pepys she was a godparent at the christening of a granddaughter of Evelyn. Their father was Sir Nicholas Johnson, of St Gregory's, London, who had married a sister of William, husband of Jane Turner; they were therefore Pepys's cousins by marriage. (L&M Companion)

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Just to be clear, Jane Pepys Turner was married to John Turner. It is thought likely that John's brother was Lord Mayor of London William Turner. Therefore, William is probably Jane's brother-in-law, and the sisters no blood relation of Pepys. But they are sufficiently family to be able to plan a trip to France with him.

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