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# The fourth Greyhound was a 20-gun ship captured from the Royalists in 1657 and used as a fire ship in 1666.

[OE. grí{asg}hund, *gríe{asg}hund (= ON. greyhund-r), f. *gríe{asg} (= ON. grøy neut., bitch:{em}OTeut. type *graujom) + hund dog, HOUND.

The etymology of the first element is unknown; it has no connexion with GREY a. or with GREW a., Greek, nor with grey = badger (GREY n.).]

1. a. A variety of dog used in the chase, characterized by its long slender body, and long legs, by the keenness of its sight, and by its great speed in running.
It is not certain that the earlier examples always relate to the kind of dog now known by the name.
1607 TOPSELL Four-f. Beasts (1658) 114 The Gray-hound or Grecian Dog

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Per L&M footnote vii p. 301 (September 28th. 2009)

A Dutch prize, the 'Flying-Greyhound' of Amsterdam, captured by the 'Pembroke,' was now lent to Pepys, Batten and Penn as a privateer, on condition that it would be restored to the King's service, as a fireship, in the following spring. The partners paid nothing for the loan, but themselves met all other expenses, Batten being in charge of the accounts. Pepys soon sold one third of his share to Sir Richard Ford ( http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclo… )

The ship, commanded by Edward Hogg, was now at Harwitch. It was commissioned on 25th. October [1666] and in December put out to sea.

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