Sister of Betty Martin (b. Lane).

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On 6th July 1667 we read about an interesting experience which Doll had while obtaining some wine for Pepys and Betty Lane to celebrate the fact that Betty was not pregnant:

After dinner away, leaving Creed there, by coach to Westminster, where to the Swan and drank, and then to the Hall, and there talked a little with great joy of the peace, and then to Mrs. Martin’s, where I met with the good news que elle ne est con child, the fear of which she did give me the other day, had troubled me much. My joy in this made me send for wine, and thither come her sister and Mrs. Cragg, and I staid a good while there. But here happened the best instance of a woman’s falseness in the world, that her sister Doll, who went for a bottle of wine, did come home all blubbering and swearing against one Captain Vandener, a Dutchman of the Rhenish Wine House, that pulled her into a stable by the Dog tavern, and there did tumble her and toss her, calling him all the rogues and toads in the world, when she knows that elle hath suffered me to do any thing with her a hundred times. [quote ends]
Pepys' remarks on Doll's falseness in objecting to the roving hands of Capt. Vadener when she very frequently gave the diarist greater liberties, though perhaps Pepys needs to have a greater awareness that women prefer certain men and can be rather choosy.

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