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Mr. Hutchinson, Treasurer for the Navy,

vincent  •  Link

Mr. Hutchinson at the Admiralty, at white Hall

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Hutchinson, [Richard] (1597-1670)
One of the leading naval officials of the Civil War and Commonwealth period. A merchant and a protege of the younger Vane in both Massachusetts and England, he was Treasurer for the relief of maimed soldiers 1643-50; Deputy-Treasurer of the Navy 1645-50; Treasurer 1650-60; M.P. for Rochester 1659; and joint Paymaster of the Navy 1668-70. In the 1690s Pepys wrote of his regime: 'never was...[the Navy Treasury] better managed, or with more credit or satisfaction to the service'.

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Richard Hutchinson, Treasurer for the Navy from 1651. He was succeeded by Sir George Carteret in 1660.
---Wheatley, 1899.

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