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Mr. Hutchinson, Treasurer for the Navy,

vincent  •  Link

Mr. Hutchinson at the Admiralty, at white Hall

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Hutchinson, [Richard] (1597-1670)
One of the leading naval officials of the Civil War and Commonwealth period. A merchant and a protege of the younger Vane in both Massachusetts and England, he was Treasurer for the relief of maimed soldiers 1643-50; Deputy-Treasurer of the Navy 1645-50; Treasurer 1650-60; M.P. for Rochester 1659; and joint Paymaster of the Navy 1668-70. In the 1690s Pepys wrote of his regime: 'never was...[the Navy Treasury] better managed, or with more credit or satisfaction to the service'.

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Richard Hutchinson, Treasurer for the Navy from 1651. He was succeeded by Sir George Carteret in 1660.
---Wheatley, 1899.

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"When, early in 1662, it was deemed advisable by the General Court of Massachusetts to congratulate Charles II upon his Restoration, and to send an agent to act for the general interests of the colony, a letter was written to Herbert Pelham, Esq., Major Nehemiah Bourne, Capt. Francis Willoughby, Mr. Richard Hutchinson (Treasurer of the Navy under the Commonwealth) and others, desiring that they would supply their representatives, upon their arrival, with such funds as they might require, on the account of the colony. By this time, however, both Bourne and Willoughby were preparing to leave the country."

Excerpt from https://www.colonialsociety.org/n…
in a paper by Capt. William Robert Chaplin, of the Trinity House, London, a Corresponding Member of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts. This is the only mention of Commissioner Richard Hutchinson of the Commonwealth Navy Board in the paper.

It illustrates his good reputation, wealth, and standing in the community

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