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Tim Clarke   Link to this

Could this be Woodchurch Clarke mentioned in the records of the Middle Temple:- The entry for 24th October 1638 reads: “Mr Woodchurch, third son of Simon Clarke of Broome Court, Warwickshire, baronet, [admitted] specially; bound with Job Dighton, esq, and Harry Davenporte, gentleman; fine £4.”

Mary   Link to this

The L&M Companion makes no mention of a Woodchurch Clarke amongst the various Messrs. Clarke that are listed. No Simon Clarke, either. Sorry-oh.

Michael Robinson   Link to this

Being admitted to membership of Middle indicates Woodchurch Clarke is training to be a barrister. From the entries 'Mr. Clerke' is a solicitor, the only court in which he acts for SP is the Excehequer, a Chancery jurisdiction at the time, in which solicitors had the rights of audience.

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