Saturday 11 July 1668

At the office all the morning. After dinner to the King’s playhouse, to see an old play of Shirly’s, called “Hide Parke” the first day acted; where horses are brought upon the stage but it is but a very moderate play, only an excellent epilogue spoke by Beck Marshall. Thence home and to my office, and then to supper and to bed, and overnight took some pills… [Continued tomorrow. P.G.]

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

"...“Hide Parke” the first day acted; where horses are brought upon the stage...."

L&M note the stage directions do not demand a horse-spectacle, but there is a racing-scene in Act IV.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Hyde Park...Where gaming and gambling rule and men and women are played...Hyde Park, the revived play by James Shirley..." Hmmn...Bess eyes poster.

"Beck Marshall was ok." Sam notes. "And I did like that bug-eyed character, the nervous bureaucrat who never wanted to be seen in a hackey, taking his pleasures, always scribbling notes as he did so. Great comic relief."

"The philandering jackass who looked rather pathetic chasing everything female?" Bess eyes him.

"Exactly...What a twit. Though his persistence and attention to business was commendable..,And he did tell that story well."

"He did have saving graces, I suppose...I would have liked to see more of his wife though. She seemed an interesting character."

Jenny  •  Link

Well done, Robert!

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