Thursday 11 October 1666

Up, and discoursed with my father of my sending some money for safety into the country, for I am in pain what to do with what I have. I did give him money, poor man, and he overjoyed. So left him, and to the office, where nothing but sad evidences of ruine coming on us for want of money. So home to dinner, which was a very good dinner, my father, brother, wife and I, and then to the office again, where I was all the afternoon till very late, busy, and then home to supper and to bed.

Memorandum. I had taken my Journall during the fire and the disorders following in loose papers until this very day, and could not get time to enter them in my book till January 18, in the morning, having made my eyes sore by frequent attempts this winter to do it. But now it is done, for which I thank God, and pray never the like occasion may happen.

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Mr. Gunning  •  Link

Sore eyes Sam? Let's hope there's no more of that, after all, you have a diary to write to keep us all entertained.

Wim van der Meij  •  Link

We're actually looking into Sam's future now. He really takes his diary serious.

Mary  •  Link

".... and he overjoyed"

It's might be a little more difficult for Sam to dish money out to his parents in small, carefully calculated parcels when/if they see what large, capital sums he could contemplate placing for safety in the country.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

January 18th? So does he mean he waited until 1/18/67 to enter these?

Obviously the first ten missions of any time travelers must included an optometry consult for Sam Pepys.

andy  •  Link

Probably 18/1/67

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Memorandum. ...

Should SP be rapped over the knuckles for not placing a 'spoiler' alert?

Australian Susan  •  Link

NB The year then changed in March, so 1666 will still be the year that Sam would have used until March.

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