Tuesday 17 October 1665

Up, and all day long busy at the office, mighty busy, only stepped to my lodging and had a fowl for my dinner, and at night my wife and Mercer comes to me, which troubled me a little because I am to be mighty busy to-morrow all day seriously about my accounts. So late from my office to her, and supped, and so to bed.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Yes. Mighty, mighty busy...With Man's work...In the company of Men...At a time of Manly crisis. No time to fool about with silly women and..."

"And you forgot your accounts book...Despite me telling you three times." Bess tosses it at his face. "I should add, it nearly wound up in Will Penn, Jr.'s hands."


"By the by, I'd find a better way to state your last bribe from Mr. Gauden. Even Mr. Povy could figure that one out."


"And Mrs. Bagwell says she'll be a little late for your...Manly...Ummn...Work...Tomorrow." Hands note. "Guess she's good with figure...Figures...Or something?"



Terry Foreman  •  Link

ohn Evelyn's Diary (in lieu of Dirk's posting it)

17 I went to Gravesend, next day to Chattam, thence to Maidstone, in order to the march of 500 Prisoners to Leeds-Castle which I had hired of my Lord Culpeper, and [continued on 19th http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1… ]

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