Sunday 24 July 1664

(Lord’s day). Up, in some pain all day from yesterday’s passages, having taken cold, I suppose. So staid within all day reading of two or three good plays. At night to my office a little, and so home, after supper to bed.

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Terry F  •  Link

Sore cods? No prayers, they being familial? But the servants?!

Robert Gertz  •  Link

The Lord God hath made his displeasure known, Samuel. Take heed and repent thy wicked folly.

Though He/She's surely pleased you avoided the full-time prostitute.

(Here there be spoilers...)

I notice Sam draws no such conclusion...Interesting, but after all soon England will experience hideous plague, dreadful fire, and a humiliating defeat and yet no connection will be made with a war against fellow Protestants being displeasing to the Almighty.

A victory of sorts for the rational mind, I suppose.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Meanwhile...On the heroic front of Christendom in the future Austria...

"Mr. St. Michel?"

Balty dragged out by guards from a crowd of starving, lice-ridden Christian prisoners.

"Young infidel prisoner, I bring you tidings of joy. The Sultan takes pity on your wretchedness and lack of help from those who should succor you."

Hmmn? Samuel turned my ransom request down again?

"In His gracious mercy, He will allow you your life without ransom...And grant permission for your return to your native land in time if you first accept Islam."

Well...Sister and Pepys were always the tolerant sort in religious matters...

"...And second, provide service for a space of three years in the Sultan's harem."

Oh? Hmmn...


"You mean..."

"I welcome you to the club, Mr. St. Michel." thin smile...

Well, on the one hand, my brother-in-law Pepys would probably be pleased to have a soprano for his musical endeavors who could never make my sister jealous.


Ruben  •  Link

Knowing his body, may be the only reason for yesterday's "weary of the pleasure I have had to-day", was today's "Up, in some pain all day from yesterday's passages, having taken cold, I suppose".
No moral apprehension I presume, just physical immediate concern and may be also concern about venereal disease (the lady has other partners).

Michael Robinson  •  Link

"no connection will be made with a war against fellow Protestants being displeasing to the Almighty."

But Robert, God is an Englishman and the Israelites but a metaphor for this divinely revealed truth: have you not followed the full course of daily OT lessons specified in the original calender for the Book of Common Prayer?

The apotheosis of such is, perhaps, Handel's oratorio 'Judus Maccabeus' (1747); the work was prepared following the Duke of Cumberland's victory at Culloden. The march and chorus from Act III "See, the Conqu'ring hero comes" (actually from another 'war' oratorio 'Joshua' of 1748 and inserted by Handel in later performances of 'Judas Maccabeus') are inflammatory still, as of April 2006:-

Why Scotland can't Handel the BBC's new World Cup anthem…

For Judas Maccabeus:-…

Senhor Pedro  •  Link

"no connection will be made with a war against fellow Protestants being displeasing to the Almighty."


Senhor Pedro  •  Link

Ralph reflects on this day in 1664...

July. 24. A very wet season the complexion of the sky sad, no harvest is entering(,) lord in mercy remember us I pray and look up, the lord good in his word, and the comfort of dear friends.…

And today the Great Flood, yet Thou in thy manifold mercies forgive our sins...…

Bradford  •  Link

Nota bene, bloggers: when you slag off work to stay home and surf, list the sites you visit. Someone someday may be just as curious as we are about the three plays Sam attended in his mental theatre.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

My guess is "Hamlet", "Adventure of Five Hours", and "Othello".

Terry F  •  Link

Elizabeth's absence is SO disruptive. Tomorrow to Deptford to muster the yard.

Cumsalisgrano  •  Link

Samuell has Hobbesian choice, Aristotle view of man's nature or an enlightened version.
Laws be obeyed only when when fear is in the ascendancy, and as the missus be not around to instill fear, then body be in anarcy.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Or as Fearless Leader once said (Rocky and Bullwinkle)...

"You fool...Laws are for the honest people."

Second Reading

Sasha Clarkson  •  Link

Sorry - I put the wrong start time in the first clip above: it should be 1m23s :)

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