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About Sunday 3 February 1666/67

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London has lost her true blood
Burnt by the storms of sixty-six
The lady of old falls from on high
And many of her followers, killed

My try at a closer translation....

About Friday 5 May 1665

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A small part of Evelyn's garden still exists in London. A few weeks ago BBC's Gardener's Question Time discussed it and that quite a lot more of it is going to be restored. In the future this might become a place to visit during a 'Pepys London' reunion.

About Thursday 14 February 1660/61

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I tried to put this in the encyclopedia, but can't find an entry, although I know it has been discussed before.
Listening to French radio (France Culture) yesterday as they revued a French edition of Tomalins book and was struck by their pronounciation of Sam's name and wondered if it was perhaps closer to the way Pepys was pronounced in his time:
Two syllables - pip-psie is the nearest I can get, this being the way french treats the letter y (as yee).

About Wednesday 4 April 1660

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I see that Gutenburg has re-issued The Diary today, (Wheatley version) presumably with the scan errors corrected.