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About Monday 3 March 1661/62

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Just in case anyone reads the comment from "E" and gets the wrong end of the stick.

There is no way on earth that the TV Licence people have the right to enter your property and search it unless you stupidly give them permission to do so. This is why they pick on the weak-minded and vulnerable.

About Thursday 13 February 1661/62

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It seems a little vacuous to argue over the finer points of what spelling and grammar Pepys would have used, when - since the diary was written in his own cryptic shorthand - he would have used none of the above.

About Monday 10 February 1661/62

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I'm sure it's been discussed already, but can anyone clarify why these posts are all "1661/62" since January? A simple typo or some complicated calendar rearrangement in the centuries since the entries were written?

About A new design

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The only thing I'd add is that the grey text on a grey background is very hard work to read. I'm fairly young and don't have dodgy eyes, so can only imagine what it's like for others.

Bear in mind this is a site where the whole point is to be able to read the text!