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About Friday 16 May 1662

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Tonyel, I think it puts a period on the end of the day. Sort of like Walter Cronkite signing off with "And that's the way it was".

About Sunday 27 April 1662

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"Sir W. Pen got trimmed before me, and so took the coach to Portsmouth to wait on my Lord Steward to church, and sent the coach for me back again." So this means that Sam was playing around when he should have been dressing, and had to wait for the carriage to come back. Can you imagine the conversation?
"Sam, you're late again. What was it this time?"
"Sorry, Sir Will, but I couldn't find my buttons!"

About Monday 14 April 1662

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We can't see Elizabeth's point of view, but the will-she or won't-she, plus "whether she suspected anything or no I know not" I think she's on to him and his out-of-town plans.

About Monday 17 March 1661/62

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"But Sir G. Downing would not be answered so: though all the world takes notice of him for a most ungrateful villain for his pains." -- I can't tell if Sam likes Sir George or not.

About Wednesday 5 February 1661/62

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So who are the 2 Williams? I know one is Will Penn, but who is the other?

And what about Sam's resolution not to go to the theatre? Or was that not to go as much....