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About Monday 30 June 1662

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Sam commented some time ago about having got an office for himself off from the main office, and a bit later about Penn (and Batten?) then getting their own private offices.

About Sunday 29 June 1662

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"waking up"
Following Vincent (the old salt)'s comment: if I decide tonight I need to wake at x o'clock tomorrow, I will wake up and look at the clock at some time within 5 minutes of that time. I'm retired: I haven't set an alarm for years.

About Saturday 28 June 1662

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"wormy sturgeon"
Recall that Sam was given some sturgeon from the Baltic, and the discussion indicated that sturgeon from there was always pickled; then when the sturgeon reappeared wormy he suspected that the pickle was too weak. That latter comment indicated that the wormy sturgeon was a leftover from the Baltic gift.

About Friday 27 June 1662

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"dinner .. too great": Who's paying? Probably the navy. Sam doesn't like the expected huge bill from the landlord?

About Friday 21 March 1661/62

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"Abracadabra is considered to be the most universally adopted phrase that is pronounced in other languages without translation."

After "okay".

About Sunday 24 November 1661

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quart of sack

Would it not be a quart of wine measure, and hence 32 oz? US liquid measure is derived from British wine measure.