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I've been through half of the first round and all of the second, and look forward to the third. Pepys always seems to have something new to say. Thanks, again, Phil.

About Monday 31 May 1669

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Let me echo everyone from 2012 onward to say thanks, Phil, for my daily visit with a slice of the past that, thanks to Mr. Pepys, often seems close enough to touch. Sam went on to lead a life no less extraordinary than during his diary years, and I'm sorry we cannot know about it in the same, familiar way. As for the future, I do hope you'll consider making one more run with the diary. I might even live long enough to see Pepys off to sea a third time.

About Thursday 6 July 1665

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It's interesting to me that Vice Admiral Sir William Berkeley, the refused potential husband, also was dead within the year. He captained HMS Swiftsure against Dutch, but outran his squadron, was surrounded, and lost both his life and his ship. He's buried in Westminster Abbey.

About Saturday 31 December 1664

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To reiterate Barry Reich's comment from '07: "Happy New Year to all the folks who make my daily visit to this site so enjoyable. Here's to a 1665 of thought-provoking diary entries." And thanks anew to Phil Gyford to making this available a second time around.