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About Monday 19 November 1666

John G  •  Link

Something very strange here.
About two thirds down the diary there is a mention of 'Lord Ossory' and 'Ashly'.
The notes for both seem to have the same picture for both men. A search of Wikipedia also shows the same pictures for both men, unless they are lost identical twins. Some further internet search shows different pictures but I unfortunately do not have the time to verify who is who correctly.
Hope someone can follow up on this research.

About Wednesday 24 October 1666

John G  •  Link

I note that no time was lost in commencing the rebuilding after the fire.
Does anyone know if there was a shortage of artisans and materials for the work to be done?
John G, Sydney

About Monday 12 March 1665/66

John G  •  Link

Yes Jonathon V, I remembered that it was a word, but had completely forgotten its meaning, so I had to look it up again too.
Loved you comment about using it in everyday conversation. Very intriguing idea. I will also try.

About Wednesday 24 January 1665/66

John G  •  Link

Oh, hi there SDS. Thought that a 'roove' must have been an ancient term for something else, then decided that it was a roof.
Cheers. John G, Sydney